Slide Puzzle Pro 1.0.0 iPhone and iPod Touch-COREPDA

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Slide Puzzle Pro is brining back the slide puzzles of your childhood with style.
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**How to play? **
Its easy, just click next to the black piece to swap the black piece and the piece clicked. Then attempt to reassemble the original picture.

5 Different Difficulties
Slide Puzzle Pro comes with 5 different difficulty settings so that you can find a slide puzzle that is both challenging and fun for your skill level.

**Use Your Own Picture!**
With Slide Puzzle Pro you can choose to do a slide puzzle that is created from your own picture. Creating a slide puzzle unique to you!

**Use Our Pictures!**
Although you can use your own picture to create a slide puzzle, Slide Puzzle Pro comes with many high quality photos to create fun to play slide puzzles.

**Time and Move counters**
Time and move counters allow for you to measure improvement as you play more and more slide puzzles.