Symbian Foundation's Podcatcher 1.00.7 S^3 SymbianOS 9.x Signed-podcast manager for Symbian

A complete podcasting tool or "podcatcher" for Symbian. A podcatcher is an application that downloads, manages and plays podcasts.

Podcatcher features include
  • - Automatic and manual RSS feed updating
  • - Automatic or manual show downloading
  • - Integration with music player (for podcasts) and video player (for vodcasts)
  • - Cover art support for feeds
  • - Podcast search through
  • - Automatic/manual download of shows
  • - Multiple languages (help us translate to yours!)
  • - Automatic or manual internet connection control

Much, much better than the default podcast app. Only for 5th Edition.
The Podcatcher is a full featured podcast manager for Symbian. It is based on the codebase from the Escarpod podcatcher originally developed for UIQ, which has been updated for Symbian^3. There is also a working port for Symbian^1 and Symbian^2.

This is a project based on the existing Symbian open source podcasting application Escarpod, which has been re-licensed by the copyright holders to EPL and contributed to Symbian Foundation by EmbedDev AB.
This is a Development Test version so There are many features still missing from Podcatcher.
There's No Change-log at the Moment Friends.