Facebook Photos Sync 1.0

ONE TAP to batch upload your photos and videos to Facebook account. The app provides the easiest solution to manage your Facebook photos.

★★★ How to use it? ★★★
? Create Albums in app or import albums from your Facebook account
? Select photos and videos from camera roll and add them into the app
? Press "Sync" button
That is it. You can add the photos, videos and descriptions at any time and upload all of them in one shot. The app can run the loading in background.

★★★ Features ★★★
? Album manager and video manager - you can manage photos and videos without Internet connection
? Batch upload and download
? Upload/download photos in background(require iOS 4.x)
? Support Facebook privacy
? Auto-rotate your photos
? Customizable sync period and sync direction(upload, download or both)
? Facebook OAuth
? Passcode protection for the app

★ When you remove a photo/video from the app and press "Sync", the app will not remove the photo/video from your Facebook account.