Potty Panic 1.20

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GAME NOTE: Consider restarting your device before playing for the the first time for best results! Also, stay tuned for brand new levels. Coming soon!

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?Trainyard and Potty Panic are the two best iPhone apps ever!!! Addicted!!!? - @AmberRaeParks

?Need a laugh? Download the game Potty Panic. It's like Flight Control, but for directing people to the bathroom. Hilar sound effects!? - @jra3086

?Haha potty panic is a great game! Everyone should download it.? - @KatyLady311

??Potty Panic? is such a cute game.? - @jianxiong

?Genius!!? - @xiiixiixiiix


Heck, we know you've been there before. At a park, at a concert or at a stadium with your family and friends ... eating food, enjoying drinks and having an absolutely GREAT time with everyone. But then, uh oh, what's that gurgle in your tummy and pressure in your behind? Oh no! You gotta go potty and you gotta go potty RIGHT NOW! And if you don't, well, look out because you're about to have an accident from all that food and all those drinks!

But now you realize that there are a ton of people around and only a few port-a-potties available for EVERYONE there. What to do, what to do. Should you use one of the port-a-potties that everyone else is waiting for ... or should you use that handicap port-a-potty right in front of you without a line? Hmm ... decisions, decisions.

Potty Panic is a ridiculously fun and incredibly addicting game with a strong sense of humor and a matching obnoxious soundtrack. You are put in charge of EVERYONE that has to go potty and you need to navigate ALL of them in and out of the potty area without making even one mistake.

Men, women, girls, boys and people in wheelchairs are all in play during this intense exercise to avoid potty disaster. If anyone in your Potty Patrol hits in to one another, then YOU LOSE! Also, if anyone in your Potty Patrol can't get to the potty fast enough to relieve themselves, then YOU LOSE! Yuk ... pee and poo EVERYWHERE!

This game requires skill and planning and simply gets faster and faster and faster and faster until you just can't handle it anymore. And make sure to look out for anyone suffering from Potty Panic (blinking in red), as they are moving faster than everyone else and they have to go potty RIGHT NOW with NO MORE WAITING AVAILABLE!

Potty Panic is an experience in and of itself. Features include:

* A park based environment to get you started and more to be added regularly over time to keep you coming back.

* Game play acceleration. The better you are, the harder and faster it gets! 

* Multiple port-a-potty options, including the ever present and always difficult handicap port-a-potty to challenge your skills.

* A "load" based scoring system. Yup, exactly what you're thinking!

* Embedded help and directions to maximize your Potty Panic performance.

* Music and Effects settings for optimal enjoyment.

* Works great with or without network coverage. 

WARNING: Uncontrollable and extreme loud laughter imminent! (Of the throw your head back and roll variety!)