CHTScheduler 2.10 - Sense/CHT saving&profiling

NEW VERSION 2.10 06.11.2010

Do you eat every day only cutlets? Even if it's your favorite food? No?
So why do you have the same Sense theme every hour of every day? You don't? You change it often?
Then you are aware of the effort needed to change a theme, or to change a clock or style, or to revert back to the former one.
You know, that you forget which .cab files you installed. You know how sometimes they interfere with other .cab's.
And you know that your Sense is sometimes messed up, and needs a full reinstallation.
If you install CHT (Co0kie’s Home Tab), are you reluctant to install the skinning .cab's for Sense again because of these problems?
And do your system settings not really suit the new installation? And do you need different views and WinMo-Settings at work, at home, in the car, in your spare time, or at night - but there is a lot of manual maintenance needed to do this, and so you make it

Changelog 2.10:
At first: ALL KNOWN BUGS FIXED! (see bottom of changelog for more details)

- LANGUAGE SUPPORT! All Language possible. Already included: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hungarish.
- Renameable Profilnames. Use your own description for SaveMyDay, GoodNite,... also you can choose in Settings, if the original profilname should be in Line 1 or 2
- All Icons now skinable! Also 3 different skins for CHTS available
- thanx to Santod040, Dunc001 and saugbear!
- New much more eye-candy icons for quicklinks and top-bar-Links as default skin of Santod040
- New QUICK MANUAL if you want use only one feature of CHTS (e.g. Wallpaper switching or Sense Saving) or smooth learn, how to get familar with CHTS
- Direct Layout & Baseline saving by Menu - no need to assign it to a Profile. See new Quick Manual how to use CHTS as your Sense Saver!
- Added FAQs to Post #2
- Fast and very reliable Switch in Automatic Mode. Hard tested by CHTS Beta group!
- Very much improved security against wrong settings, wrong apply of settings,...


- Settings now in finger-/eye-friendly sub-categories
- Choose of Language
- Choose of Storage Card-Location,if you have problems with SD-Card-Name: can be switched off.
- Profile Names+Comments for both Lines in Main Menu
- Ignore-Options for CHTS-Icons, CHTS-Topbar-Icons, saved Wallpapers, Op-Names in Layouts - so you can better choose, what should be restored / scheduled
- For slower devices you can define a timeout, where CHTS isn't allowed to start Sense twice (default: 1 minute)
- Delete Icon Cache improved


- TODAY Wallpaper switching (so also WinMo Wallpaper/Start Menu Background) - initial or scheduled
- Very wide wallpapers schedulable now, too
- Weather Wallpapers according to current weather made faster in reaction after Sense Weather update


- seperated "Initial" (=at start of profile) and "permanent" (=during whole time of profile) Data Settings
- GPRS always on
- more accurate NoData - so no GPRS connection possible, if this is active


- Direct Layout save by Menu
- Faster Restore
- Restoring only of Quicklinks or Quicklinks & Freelinks


- Correct time scheduling and schedule prediction
- .net-Errors for much cases (I don't want to tell 'em all)
- Timeouted Mode works accurate now
- Manually switching no more issues
- Sound settings apply after Sense Restart
- complete review und bugfixed the whole code (70000 LOC!)
- Power Settings improved
- Better interaction with chtstate
Therefore just: No more Issues found while the hard test of great CHTS Beta Team - thanx for all, mates!