Radio Alarm-MP3/Radio/Nature Sound Alarm + Sleep Timer 1.2.5

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■ Multitasking is fully supported! All features including alarm(with MP3&Radio), radio and sleep timer can be run while other app is running.
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- Radio Alarm is about as rich as an app that hinges on a single function can get, and manages to offer pleasant features without being bloated.

■ Recommended by : (Rating 4.5/5)
- Radio Alarm is a powerful iPhone alarm and internet radio player combo that looks good and is stable enough to be trustworthy as an alarm clock app.

Users from all around the world who take interest in Radio Alarm, thank you very much.
We promise that we'll continue to fix problems and make it better through constant updates.

◎ Do you wake up in the morning to the irritating machine sounds?
- Using Radio Alarm, you can start your day feeling good by waking up to the sound of your favorite music (iPod MP3), radio station, or nature.

◎ Do you have trouble waking up in the morning despite setting your alarm?
- Try the "SHAKE to wake up" feature of Radio Alarm. You will be wide awake in no time shaking your iPhone/iPod to cancel the alarm.

◎ Do you want even more radio stations?
- More than just dedicated music stations for classic, jazz and R&B, you can listen to wide-ranging types of stations including news, sports, and education stations.

◎ Is insomnia keeping you awake at night?
- Try the Sleep Timer feature of Radio Alarm. You can fall asleep pleasantly listening to your favorite MP3, radio station, or stored sounds of nature.

◎ Do you still have the alarm application on when you go to bed?
- With Radio Alarm, multi-tasking feature continues to work even when the application has been terminated, setting off the alarm exactly at the specified time.

1) Powerful multitasking
- Multitasking is supported for all features including radio, sleep timer, alarm, etc. (iOS4 and up)

2) Alarm
- Set various alarm sounds (iPod MP3, radio, sounds of nature, recorded file)
- Shake to turn off the alarm
- Support for multiple alarms
- Sensitive snooze time interval
- Alarm sound with vibration
- Set "Fade In/Fade Out" time
- Set number of "Shakes"

3) Radio
- Listen to 35,000 stations from around the world
- Antique-style theme provided
- Add favorite stations
- Search for stations by keyword
- Enter custom URLs
- Each country stations

4) Sleep timer
- Sleep timer can be set with MP3, radio, sounds of nature
- Set "Fade In/Fade Out" time

5) Support Retina Display

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What's new in Version 1.2.5
Minor bug fixed.
Italia language support.