Pocket Butterflies Singapore v1.0.0
Requirements:Al Windows Mobile, Dot.NET-CF 2.0-VGA/QVGA Screen
Pocket Butterflies Singapore is an easy to use butterfly identification guide. It covers about 280+ butterflies in Singapore. Pocket Butterflies Singapore allows you to identify a butterfly by sight, whether you are a dedicated butterfly watcher or you just wish to know what butterflies visit your garden.

* Covering 280 + Singapore Butterflies
* Choose a 'watching' location or view a specific butterfly group.
* Full customization of the butterfly lists with the build-in Editor.
* Software shows Butterfly Image (male, female, upperside, underside whenever available) and Text Info.
* View butterfly lists in Latin name order or A-Z sorted order.
* View butterfly names in common naming or scientific 'Latin' naming.
* Easy to use when walking or watching butterflies in the field. Finger friendly operation.
* Save your personal butterfly observation notes on each butterfly.
* Save GPS location of butterfly.
* 60mb of data files are stored on your SD / Storage Card, only 0.85mb in internal memory.
* For Windows Mobile Pocket-PC(VGA & QVGA) and Windows Laptop/Desktop PC (next release).
* 38 User-defined butterfly category lists available (33 are pre-defined as default).
* Butterfly comparison feature.
* Storage Card detection feature.
* Cleaner, easier to use interface.
* Alter the program's text size.
* Scrollable specimen image (next release)