The Train episode 01 V1.1

"Great storyline, characters and artwork" by Bigass Momma

"Great adventure game! - A must-have for adventure fans" by Renate Rehn

"Very fun, great for wasting some time. Really enjoyed this one. Worth the money" by Dabohigi

"Great world - Terrific worldview and style." by CaptainChoco


Take a journey from the sordid parts of the City of Hope? to the deepest parts of your mind.

Many years after The Salvation Day, our glorious society is standing at the portal to the future!

Having asked yourself what can you do for our country; Today you ask what our country can do for you!

The future begins Today! Enjoy your opportunity to play the official game of the Great Emperor!

As Martin, your life is hectic and nerve-wracking.
You live in a world of law and order...
Where the police are brutal and merciless.
Where the words of the Great Emperor are more important than the cry of millions.

But, even in this world of pain, you have hope - you have your beloved Isabell!

? Beautiful, hand-drawn artworks!
? Multi-touch interactions!
? Intuitive interface!
? Amazing storyline in the urban fantasy world!
? Partially nonlinear gameplay!
? Wonderful stereo soundtrack made by professional composers!
? 21 huge and 19 smaller backgrounds!
? 12 collectible items!
? Over 100 pages of dialogues, descriptions and documents!
? 13 Non-Playable but interactive Characters!
? 4 animated cut-scenes!
? Many hours of gameplay!

?and, this is just the first episode!