Infusion ? Tea Timer 3.01

Infusion is an elegant tea timer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was specifically designed so that tea lovers can begin brewing their favorite tea with two touches: one to launch Infusion, and the other to select a favorite tea.

Tea Information & History

Infusion 3 ships with a wealth of information about the teas and types of teas built-in. Nothing to do while waiting for an infusion? Read about it before you enjoy it!

Multitasking Support

Multitasking is supported in iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and 3rd generation iPod Touch. Timers will continue to run in the background and you will be notified when they finish. Infusion's icon will also reflect the number of timers currently running.

Beautiful UI

Infusion 3 features beautiful tea information presentation, tea timers, and animations to make timing a tea as enjoyable as drinking it. All in high resolution on the iPhone 4.

Single-Touch Timer

Forget to start Infusion before you put the hot water in the tea pot? No problem! You can start one of your favorite tea timers with a single touch after launching Infusion, two touches total from the Home screen!

Favorite & Recent Teas

Save the teas you infuse the most as favorites for single-touch timer access when Infusion launches. You may also view a list of recent and currently infusing teas to keep track of multiple simultaneous brews.

Swipeable Timer

Swipe down on a tea's screen to show and start the timer and turn the tea info into handy instructions.

Customizable Behavior

Want your favorite teas to open on launch? Want to search teas on launch? Want your favorite teas to immediately start a timer? Want them to go to tea info? You can change all of this behavior with Infusion.

Over 100 Teas!

Infusion ships with over 100 teas already in its database, including origin, type of tea, and brewing quantity, time, and temperature recommendations. Infusion 3 lets you browse these as well as your custom teas by type and origin, or search.

Add New Teas

Does you local tea shop have an in-house blend you particularly love? Add it to Infusion! You could even add other types of timed beverages.

New Timer Sounds

Infusion 3 includes new sounds for when a timer completes including the classic egg timer.

Ratings & Tasting Notes

Trying a bunch of teas in a tasting room? Rate them with Infusion 3's new ratings?give them between 1 and 5 stars, and add your own tasting notes.

Generic Timer

Since we built a timer for tea, Infusion comes with a generic timer as well, for times in seconds and minutes up to 60 minutes.

Features Coming Soon:

Features we're working on, in no particular order:

? Support for multiple infusions of the same tea with different times
What's new in Version 3.0.1
? Fixed major bug with timers and sleep/multitasking.
? Added ability to clear a tea rating.