Bumpy Robots 1.11 iPhone and iPod Touch

Somewhere beyond time and space, a strange plane of tiles hangs over a bottomless pit... Dozens of weird looking machines are battling on this odd "floor", by smashing and raming into each other. They are Bumpy Robots...

In this fast paced arcade game you are one of them. Your task is to eliminate all moving enemies, not just by shooting them, but instead... by pushing them off the tiles into the pit.
-Ram enemy robots with full might!
-Use your jump to leap across trenches and holes in the ground.
-Collect power-ups to become even stronger!
-Use explosives of great power. The explosion wave will help you to blast off your foes into the abyss, no matter how strong they are.

Do whatever it takes, because enemy will show you no mercy!

Game features:
*16 different levels
*destructible environment
*randomly generated levels
*3 types of AI
*online highscores
*ability to play using iPhone's accelerometer

Try your luck in this battle of skill and strategy !

Don't forget to visit game's website. There you can watch gameplay video and try game for free on your computer(PC/MAC/LINUX)
What's new in Version 1.11
A tiny update:
- fixed typo in options.
- added sound effects volume control.