Destiny Legend - The Ring of Seal 240x320 S60v3 J2ME [Chinese]
"Destiny legend - the ring seal" s a section of Western singularly varied world outlook large-scale RPG game. Narrates young Dimow to seek for the father who is missing, but under the fate direction steps seals the evil spirit path's story. The atmospheric boundless game scene, the fine exquisite detail portray, the soul-stirring love story, the refreshed magnificent person evil spirit war common construction has this kind of section of RPG writings. In addition, the superelevation degree-of-freedom as well as the rich game play the spot to give play the family unprecedented pleasure: The consummation stage prop system, sympathizes elixir system, stimulation equipment strengthening system, specialized extension duty system, mysterious space transducer ......Has layer on layer hides the dense road to wait for you to unearth, layer upon layer the plot plans waits for you to make known, level of strong boss waits for you to conquer! War of is the person evil spirit doomed the historical fate? Seals ten thousand year evil spirit abstention to bury what kind of secret? Who will be interpolated the fable which Dimow loves? Experiences the life together along with the leading character the fluctuation, the feeling meeting and parting sorrow and joy, "Abstention of the Fate Fable - Seal", the New Year's greeting god does, not fault-tolerant!
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