Stick Golfer v1.3 iPhone and iPod Touch

Play. Design. Share. Your. Very. Own. Golf. Course!

In Stick Golfer, you can play 100+ exciting courses and try to get the highest score! In addition to the built-in courses, you can download new courses from our server. The best part is that with the integrated course editor, you can create your own courses and then upload them for the rest of the world to enjoy!

Grass, sand, water, rock and other tools give you the flexibility to create cool, sweeping courses or even intricate physics puzzles that dynamically change the fairway of the course -- the possibilities are endless!

An online rating and voting system allows you to vote up your favorite courses, and with every course having its own unique global high scores, you can compete against others to see who is the world's best Stick Golfer.


- 100+ built-in courses, plus downloadable courses
- Realistic physics engine with dynamic object interaction
- Easy to use, in-game editor to create your own courses
- Ability to share your creations with the rest of the world
- Local and Global high scores for every course
- Voting and rating system for online courses
- Facebook, Twitter integration

Design Tools:

- Free Pen: Draw different types of line surfaces with this tool.
- Line Pen: Draw straight lines with the different surfaces.
- Green: Grass Fairway (Normal ball friction and restitution)
- Yellow: Sand (Little ball friction, the ball will stop when touching this line)
- Light Blue: Water (You will play again)
- Dark Blue: Rock (Little ball friction and restitution)
- Grey: Background (The ball will pass through these lines)

How to play a course:

While taking a shot, move your finger to adjust your shot angle, click the swing button to charge your shot, click again to hit the ball.
Hole in one! Good Luck!