Sky Siege 3D 2.0 iPhone and iPod Touch

SKY SIEGE 3D in HD - Pushing the boundaries of AR/VR Mobile Gaming! A state of the art update with Gyro, Retina HD, Stereoscopic 3D, RC mode + lots more!

Experience a full on Aerial Assault in Stereoscopic 3D as virtual helicopters come at you from all angles. Choose a spectacular 360 degree Virtual Environment or your own office! Fly a virtual RC helicopter around the room in Augmented Reality!

Feature packed Sky Siege 3D brings an amazing mix of groundbreaking stereoscopic Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to your iPhone 4 or 3GS, iPod Touch 4 or iPad!

With ultra smooth Gyroscope support and High Definition Sky Siege 3D gives you a state of the art AR / VR experience yet also continues to support the original Magnetic based tracking algorithm for iPhone 3GS and iPads

This massive update includes all kinds of improvements and features to the original including the world's first "Throne Mode" so you can play anywhere!

If you like this update please spread the word - we are very grateful for your feedback and want to keep pushing this amazing device to realize its full potential!

Note: This update is built with iOS4.1. If you experience any problems on startup these should be fixed by a one time reboot.


* "Turns iPhone into Deadly portal to the Heavens... startlingly immersive gameplay" - GIZMODO

* "With surprisingly good graphics and animations, Sky Siege is more convincing than the other FPS simulators you may have seen, which makes gameplay both more frenetic and immersive." - THE WEEK'S BEST IPHONE APPS

* "Wow! insanely fun augmented reality experience and it comes with our highest recommendation" - MOBILE AUGMENTED REALITY

* "Its part of that new crop of games that?s really thinking out of the box in its game mechanics and I think should be applauded for that alone ...the augmented reality portion of the game looks awesome" - BONUS LEVEL

* "This game really does take iPhone gaming to a whole new level!" - SIMPLE-REVIEWS

* "Augmented reality games have been plentiful since the 3GS arrived. However, none have managed to stand out from the pack. Sky Siege takes that step forward" - SLIDE TO PLAY

* Featured by Futurist Bruce Sterling on WIRED's "Beyond the Beyond"

We want to keep improving your experience - please send your feedback to [email protected]


Your screen becomes a window into a full 3D virtual world
"Sky Siege" is a brand new dimension in gaming will literally have you standing up and fighting. You'll be frantically looking up down and spinning around to survive as you take on Helicopter Gunships attacking you from all angles.

Choose Rockets, Ack-Ack Guns or Guided Missiles to defend yourself and keep an eye out for Health parachutes

Experience an intense aerial assault in your own living room or
Take a break and Fly Your own RC helicopter around the room in amazing Augmented Reality

See the action on YouTube for the original version:

What's new in Version 2.0
Gyroscope Support
Stereoscopic 3-D Mode
RC Helicopter Mode
HD Retina Display and Multisampling
Improved Gameplay
Improved Graphics and Environments
Throne Mode
Bug Fixes