Spite & Malice HD 1.1.0

Spite & Malice is finally available for the iPad with Plus+ Integration! Compete for leaderboard glory and earn awards with Plus+ social networking integration. Spite & Malice HD is universal. It will work on all your devices. No need to purchase multiple copies of the game!

We've created great new graphics and character animations to bring the best possible Spite & Malice experience to the iPad. With great new background options designed specifically for the iPad, we think you will love it! Play against your phone or against your friends with Spite & Malice HD (also know as Skip-Bo). With 3 levels of difficulty, it will keep players of all levels entertained for hours!

With Spite & Malice, you can play against the computer in either Easy, Medium or Hard modes. Be the first to play all cards from your payoff pile and you win the game! Choose between 6 different card designs allowing for better readability as well as 8 different deck designs.

- Single player games.
- Multi-Player games, both on the device and Peer to Peer over Bluetooth.
- Three levels of difficulty : Easy, Medium and Hard.
- Optionally plays sound effects during game play.
- Game statistics.
- Choose between 6 different card looks, for better card readability.
- Choose between 10 different deck designs.
- Game speed option, allows you to customize the game's animation speed.

About Plus+
Plus+ is a division of ngmoco that brings externally developed titles to the App Store. The Plus+ Network is a social play service free to players that harnesses the iPhone OS 3.0 technology and enables players to create a persistent profile, challenge friends via social channels, compete for leaderboard glory, participate in game events and discover new games.
What's new in Version 1.2.0
Now with Game Center integration, including Online Games Support!