Raindrop Run 1.0 (IPhone)

Category: Games
Jan 12, 2011
Version: 1.0
33.0 MB
Seller: Tim Whitten

? 2011 Tim Whitten


It's not easy being a raindrop. Plummeting through the sky, for miles and miles. Where will you land? Will it be a puddle, a lake, or even... the sea?


Nope, it's a window. And now the sun is drying you out.

Stay alive, little raindrop. Never surrender.


Raindrop Run is a fast and addictive game for all ages.

Tilt to steer.

Stationary droplets replenish your water. Collect as many as you can to avoid drying out. They're also worth points.

Gold droplets give you 500 points each.

Red droplets are hunters, out to eat you and claim your water. Avoid them at all costs.

Black droplets make you invulnerable to hunters, but only for a while. Don't waste the chance - hunters are worth 1000 points.

Dirt on the glass will slow you down.

Cracks in the glass will stop you in your tracks. Game over! Definitely avoid those.

Finally, if things look desperate, tap the screen to summon a small shower in front of you. Useful for a quick getaway, or if you are about to evaporate. You get three showers at the start, and one more for every 5000 points gained.