Highway King 1.0 (IPhone)

Being a truck driver on the open road at some point or another has enticed us all.

Now you can show everyone that you are the Highway King.


✪ Game play - Take control of multiple trucks. Touch and drag, or touch to stop, either way get each truck to their destinations and back onto the open road via their designated exit. Watch out for other trucks, buildings, and obstacles that may appear, causing you to wreck your 18 wheeler.

✪ Addicting, fun, simplistic and filling a missing need. Highway King fills that need making it the best line drawing strategy game in the App Store. Simplistic game that you can play for hours, and if you've never played it, you can pick it up in seconds.

✪ Multiple Towns - Earn your strips in career mode, or play for hours in endless mode with four different town's to choose from.

✪ Multitasking Supported

✪ Coming Soon - Game Center, multiplayer, new towns, and new trucks.

Don't miss out on the best line drawing strategy game on the App Store, or surprise a friend by gifting them Highway King, and see if you can answer the question.....

Are You Ready to be King?