Far Cry 2
by Gameloft

Survive in the heart of a savage Africa in the official
mobile version of the Ubisoft console game!

Your mission: Capture and eliminate the Jackal, a dangerous weapons dealer helping to arm a terrible civil war ravaging Africa. Prepare for an intense experience in the heart of Africa, with 10 explosive missions combining action phases on foot and motorcycle that will take you through the Savanna, desert, and jungle, where the landscape is filled with hidden dangers (mines, wild animals, fires, and more). Choose equipment specific to each mission (flame throwers, Molotov cocktails, sniper rifles, and more), and prepare to face cunning foes who will stop at nothing to end your search...

- The official mobile version of the new Next Generation console game from Ubisoft;
- 10 missions that combine action on foot and on motorcycle;
- An explosive arsenal: Grenades, Flame Throwers, Mine Detectors, Sniper Rifles, and more;
- New ultra-realistic gun firing system;
- New Artificial Intelligence renders enemies more dangerous than ever.

supplied by [email protected]

Original versions for

Sony Ericsson K300 (128x128) http://waper.ru/file/992931
Sony Ericsson K500 (128x160) http://waper.ru/file/992929
Sony Ericsson Z320 (128x160) http://waper.ru/file/992930
Sony Ericsson F305 (176x220) http://waper.ru/file/992928
Sony Ericsson K530 (176x220) http://waper.ru/file/992925
Sony Ericsson K700 (176x220) http://waper.ru/file/992926
Sony Ericsson K750 (176x220) http://waper.ru/file/992926
Sony Ericsson S302 (176x220) http://waper.ru/file/992927
Sony Ericsson S312 (176x220) http://waper.ru/file/992924
Sony Ericsson W810 (176x220) http://waper.ru/file/992925
Sony Ericsson C510 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/993033
Sony Ericsson C702 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992920
Sony Ericsson C903 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992922
Sony Ericsson C905 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992916
Sony Ericsson G705 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992923
Sony Ericsson K660 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992921
Sony Ericsson K800 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992919
Sony Ericsson W595 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992916
Sony Ericsson W760 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992918
Sony Ericsson W902 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992916
Sony Ericsson W910 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992918
Sony Ericsson W960 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992917
Sony Ericsson W980 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992915
Sony Ericsson W995 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992918
Sony Ericsson Z750 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/992932