Socially is a mobile phone application that lets you keep track of all the friends you are connected to on multiple social networks. You can use Socially to track recent activity of friends on different social networks. Socially also shows you up-to-date social information about the callers during an incoming call and as alerts on the phone desktop (home) screen, enabling you to have better conversations.

With Socially you can:

● Manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare from one single client
● Update your status, view updates, see wall, comment, tweet, retweet - the whole works
● See Caller's social profile on incoming calls
● Get Desktop Notifications of activities on your social networks
● Sync your phone Address Book with your friends' Facebook, LinkedIn profiles...
● and much more...

Change log for Version 3.05:

New features:

* Improved UI for viewing photos and ability to comment and like photos.
* New tweets automatically shown in Timeline, Mentions, Profile, Trends and Search results without having to refresh the screen.
* Ability to optionally post your Shouts and Check-ins to Facebook and Twitter.
Desktop Alerts:
* Up to 25 alerts every 5 minutes
* Ability to turn-off the sound for alerts

Bug fixes:
* Fixed intermittent issues related to Twitter Search and Trends for non-English languages