NetFront Life Screen v2.2.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: A great app launcher plus updates from your social network and in-phone apps. NetFront Life Screen -- with Evernote Integration.

NetFront Life Screen is a home screen (homescreen) replacement app with an easy-to-use interface that delivers previews of social network updates as well as phone services data. Pick a service, such as Mixi, Facebook or Twitter, to see recent updates. Choose Call History or Contacts to quickly call someone. Use the app launcher cube to quickly find any installed app and launch it. New in version 2, see and access your latest Evernote account updates. NetFront Life Screen replaces your built-in homescreen and gives you one-touch access to the information you would currently need to launch several apps to see.
NetFront Life Screen uses an advanced 3D UI engine to smoothly draw and rotate the ring list, instant updates, and the application cube. Tap on an icon or spin the ring to choose that service and get the latest updates or access.

Key Features:

Evernote Integration. Rotate the ring to Evernote and see the latest updates to your Evernote account. Not using Evernote? Get a free account at

Mixi, Twitter and Facebook. Tap on either of these services to see the latest updates from your Facebook and Mixi friends and the people that you follow on Twitter.

Browser. See your browser bookmarks by rotating or tapping the browser icon. Go to any of your bookmarked pages quickly by tapping on an entry.

Contacts. Scroll through your favorite and recent contacts and access them with the contacts service icon.

Call History. Missed a call from someone? Call them back easily with a tap on an entry in the list that displays when you choose the call history service icon.

Customization: You can remove any services that you don't use from the ring and you can add any apps that you do use by dragging the icons down from the application launcher cube.

Background: Pick a wallpaper picture of your choice for the home screen background.

Launcher Cube: Swipe the display to the right and use the 3d cube to launch any application in your device. Rotate the cube to quickly browse among the available apps. Touch and hold on an app icon to drag it down to the ring where it will be available for quick launch.

Widgets: Add your choice of widgets to the default home screen display so that anytime you press the home button, your chosen widgets, up to three (space permitting) will be displayed with the ring of services.

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