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Thread: WidgetLocker Lockscreen Ultimate Theme Collection!

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    WidgetLocker Lockscreen Ultimate Theme Collection!

    WidgetLocker Lockscreen Ultimate Theme Collection! vol.3
    Requirements: All Android versions
    Overview: The official WidgetLocker theme collection from XDA Developers vol.3!

    Extra WidgetLocker available themes.
    Contains: 56 Themes!!!

    Preview of all themes:

    In the initial .zip files there are the themes/zip files. (each zip is a single theme)
    Manually copy the ? file to your SD Card. The theme files should be placed in:


    For example:


    - The wallpaper: The issue is that the system can only have one wallpaper and it's shared globally. So WidgetLocker's custom
    wallpapers are just images that WidgetLocker displays as a background. The best fix for this might be for WidgetLocker to let you select a file, using gallery or astro or whatever, and then have WidgetLocker do the cropping itself. This way it gets the actual image and can still crop it or scale it down (sanely) to avoid using so much memory, but can be done without banding. If you want to do it manually in the mean time and are rooted you can replace WidgetLocker's /data/data/com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker/files/wallpaper.png with your own. Just make sure the resolution matches your phones. Then disable/reenable WidgetLocker to get it to reload.

    - Installing a custom slider: Since WidgetLocker 2.0 custom themes are supported and come in the format. This means you can open it and your phone will prompt you to Install and Add the theme. The themes are saved on your SD card (/data/com.widgetlocker.teslacoilsw/themes). You can also copy the to the folder on your SD card. Naturally the theme will be unavailable once your SD card is mounted to a computer or something similar. It will return to normal once you unmount it again. You add the themes you've installed by longpressing the screen and choose Custom Slider. There you can do even further settings, like slide from right to left. If not you simply press "Add".

    More Info: Thanks zHk3R For link jimking
    Download Instructions:

    Mirror :

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    Re: WidgetLocker Lockscreen Ultimate Theme Collection!

    this only include slider n not the wallpapers ryt??


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