Galactic Blast v1.1
Requirements: ANDROID:2.0 and up
Overview: A deep space shooter designed for multitouch game play and a whole lot of fun! Double-Digit

Galactic Blast has the feel of an old-school space shooter with a twist of new-school multitouch! See what score you can achieve by fervently tapping your right finger to fire upon incoming objects while guiding your Starship Galactic out of harms way and collecting the rubble to add to your score! - Developed by Myriad Apps, a sub-division of Myriad Devices.

What's New
What's in this version:
*Version 1.1**
Fixed errors
*Version 1.09
Fixed speed change glitch
*Version 1.08
Did some touch up work
*Version 1.06
Fixed speeds to work on all devices
*Version 1.04
Changed target SDK to Honeycomb
*Version 1.03
Fixed menus to look better with tablets
*Version 1.02
Fixed unlock glitch for first two ships

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