Part 1-Insalling and activating

1- Copy into you phone(the ‘ vbagx_s60v3 1.25(4).sis ’), and install the application.
2- Then run the application on the menu of the phone after installing vBag
3- Go to the Options -> Activate
4- Now the number which is given is your IMEI number. This number is need to be input on the ‘ vBagXKeygen.exe ‘ on the computer (by running the application vBagXKeygen.exe)
5- Then click generate and it will show letters on bottom of the Generate button, copy the letters on ‘ input activation code: ‘ in step 3 after pressing Yes…
6- And if every thing goes as planned then this massage will be shown saying " thank you for registering... "

Part 2-Copying roms into the memory

Note: I will not be held responsible wherever you get the GBA games from (just google it) and if this application work or does not works on and any thing happens to your mobilphone or PC.
Copy your roms (in my case I used .gba type roms) on the mass memory (in N96 case) or on your memory stick.
Data -> Others -> vBag
Like X:\data\Others\vBag (where X represents any drive).
And then run vBag and there will be you roms, waiting to be played!!!

<a href="" target="_blank">Download Here</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">Download Here</a>